(This isn’t about Trump’s politics. I’m posting this to show how analytics can be used — andreas)
So it turns out that Trump’s tweets differ by time of day.
– Morning tweets come from an Android phone
– Evening tweets are posted from iPhone
And it turns out that Trump uses an Android and his staff use iPhones.
Evening postings are “nice postings”; they talk about event times, venues, etc. and don’t cause uproars, diplomatic incidents, and resignations. Obviously, these are tweets by his staff.
Morning posts, however… whoa. That’s Trump being Trump. Run for the hills.
Linguistic analysis of 6,000 Trump tweets show that Trump’s tweets use 40-80% more negative words, including “badly,” “crazy,” and “weak” and evoke sadness, fear, anger, and disgust. iPhone tweets are more likely to express anticipation, trust, and joy.
His staff now accounts for nearly 75% of current tweets as they try to project a better message.
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