ASO is how to get your app to the top. It’s marketing strategy and tactics for apps. Just as SEO is how to get your webpage to show up in search engines, ASO gets your apps to show up in the app stores.

Google stated in April 2014:

  • 80% of apps are never downloaded
  • Of the 20% that are downloaded, 60% are never installed
  • Of the 40% that are installed, 80% are never used more than twice
  • After three months, only 24% are using it. After 6 months, this falls to 14%. By 12 months, only 4% are still using the app.

By using ASO, you can increase the distribution and active use of your apps. This improves your presence and visibility in the mobile space. It improves your engagement with your target audience, leads, prospects, and customers. This will build your ability to compete in the mobile market.

There are two general ways to do ASO:

  • Improve your app’s presence in the app stores. This means to be findable in the first place. It also means to improve the presentation of your app to encourage people to install it.
  • Improve the word-of-mouth distribution. People install apps on recommendations from friends and experts. This means we build social engagement around the apps.

There is also digital marketing: the use of digital advertising at a target audience to make them aware of the app.

Installing an app is only the first step. From the data above, we see that 8o% of installed apps are never used more than twice. Apps need ongoing marketing to encourage users to use the app.

The ASO White Paper

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