Google is about to release Penguin 4.0, another algorithm upgrade. Here’s the dire warning at SearchEngineWatch. What’s my opinion? What will I do about Penguin 4.0?

Nothing. I don’t care. Because Penguin goes after SEOers who use tricks. I don’t, so it won’t affect me.

The vast majority of SEO people believe the following three things:

  • Keywords: Find lots of keywords, because Google uses keywords.
  • Meta-tags: Put keywords in meta-tags, because Google looks at the keywords in meta-tags
  • Links: Get lots of links from other sites, because Google counts incoming links.

Why these three? Because it’s easy. It’s easy to come up with 5,000 keywords (I can do that in 15 minutes). It’s easy to write meta-tags. And it’s easy to buy links (all you need is a credit card). And most companies measure their SEOers on these criteria. Jones! How many keywords did you find? 623, sir! How many meta-tags did you write? 475, sir! And how many new links do we have? 521! Great job, Jones! You were busy! You’re doing WORK!

The managers don’t know what they’re looking at. But they have to measure something. So those SEOers do stuff that can be easily measured: keywords, meta-tags, links.

The three bullet points above were true… way back in the early 2000s. But in the middle of the 2000s, Google began to move away from those. Why? For the obvious reason that it was done to spoof Google. Which also means it’s easy to identify these tricks, which makes it easy to block them. Thus the Penguin algorithm changes.

If your SEO person (staff or contractor) bought a lot of links for you, you’re in trouble. If your SEOer bought blah-blah-blah articles from content farms and then posted that junk as “guest postings” on blogs with a link back to you, you’re in trouble. Google is looking for tricks like this. All that work, all of those high rankings, and all of that money will be wasted when Google blocks your site.

So what should you really do for SEO? Don’t worry about Penguin updates.


Find out what your audience really wants. Offer the very best answer/solution. Google will rank your page highly, they’ll find it, come to you, and tell their friends. It’s that easy.

In Plain Words…

Okay, forget SEO and Google. What does this mean, in plain language? How do you get money for Saturday night on the town? It’s easy: rob a gas station! But eventually the cops will catch you.

So what’s the best way? Get an honest job and get paid. Long-term, slow, and steady.