Google is shutting down their affiliate network. Their what?

A few years ago, I was talking with a senior Google AdWords person. I asked if one of our clients could be on the Google Affiliate network. She said “there’s no such thing.” I asked why not? She said it wouldn’t make sense. Google is against affiliates. I said “try this” and sent a link to her. A moment later, she said “OMG!”

Google has a strong stand against affiliates, yet… there really is the Google Affiliate Network. The AdWords team had no idea that it existed.

An affiliate network, if done honestly, can be a good thing. A vendor can tap into a vast network of websites to gain reach to the audience. However… the reality is that many affiliate sites are scams. Too many idiots set up thousands of pages, or even tens of thousands of pages, to bombard the landscape with offers. They make all sorts of wild promises to buyers. It is impossible for vendors to review or approve several hundred thousand pages. Affiliate networks are basically scam networks, and that’s why she couldn’t believe that Google was doing this.

But now, after many years, Google is shutting it down. I suspect Google finally had it with the scams.