Increase Your Security in LinkedIn

Am I the last person to do this? It occurred me that I could use HTTPS to log into LinkedIn. I searched and found they had enabled this. Here’s how to turn it on (very easy): Go to your LinkedIn account. At upper-right corner, mouse over your name. A menu drops...

Where to Send Press Releases for Free

I updated (Dec. 2012) my list of free PR release sites. Many call themselves free, but they’re not. You can submit your press release for free at:

Google Wildfire

Here’s a new tool. You can use Google Wildfire to create pages, posts, and ads once and push them out across multiple social platforms. It covers Google+, Facebook, Twiter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Go to

Google and the American Revolution

When did the American Revolution happen? You know, Fourth of July, fireworks, and apple pie? It was in 1776, wasn’t it? Or wasn’t it? Can we find out with Google? A few years ago, a group of friends were sitting on a hillside, watching fireworks on the 4th...

Google Glass

A comment by someone about Google Glass: > I can see glasses will be a hit when celebrities switch on their videos whilst wearing their glasses on key public or private events, like they tweet at present. Users will subscribe to their live feeds with commentary or...