First, how many people use desktop or mobile?

Next, sales of smart phones vs. desktop/tablets

Finally, what are people doing on their smart phones?


The Internet has changed from websites-on-desktop to apps-on-mobile. Facebook gets three times as much attention on mobile as the entire web combined. Mobile is bigger than desktop and growing fast.

It’s bad news for Google. And your website.

What are people doing on mobile devices? They’re spending 86% of their time on apps.

That means they’re not searching at Google. And not looking at your website.

Look at Facebook (17%). 3X more than the Google Chrome browser (5%). Fanboys, don’t laugh: FB gets twice than the Apple Safari browser (7%). The FB app gets more time than Google, Apple, and all browsers combined; worse than that, the FB app gets more than all non-app traffic.

Or, to put it plainly: On mobile, Facebook is bigger than the web.

The classical web, based on browsers, search engines, and your website, is now just small stuff. How quickly this changed, no?

Look at Social Messaging. 9.5%. That’s WhatsApp, WeChat, and other text messaging apps. That category is bigger than either Chrome or Safari. No wonder FB spent $19B to buy WhatsApp. That puts FB at 25% or more.

By the way, Safari dropped from 12% to 5% in one year.

Why all the attention on apps, but not on browsers? Browsers are hard to use on mobile. Tiny text, tiny links, slow to open, difficult to navigate. Browsers are made for desktop screens and mice. Apps are made for mobile devices. Big buttons, quick response, easy to navigate.

BTW, that 32% spent on games? Candy Crush got a quarter of that. Yep, Candy Crush got 8% of time-spent-on-mobile. More than Google.